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Welcome to PSE Academy!

Welcome to PSE Academy, the official market education website of The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (“PSE” or the “Exchange”).

PSE Academy provides a comprehensive, interactive, and practical web-based investor education platform for market participants, equity investors, and the public in general.

One of the key features of the website is the e-Learning section, which is a free curated online stock market course that allows users to enhance their knowledge in stock investments and acquire trading skills through reading and video materials. Users gain access to various learning materials depending on their level of knowledge. At the end of each course level, users will have to take and pass the PSE Academy Online Assessment Examination to unlock the next level of learning materials. The e-Learning also provides materials and web links for market practitioners who are interested in taking securities licensure examinations, stock market courses and trainings.

The Live Market Action provides PSE Academy users access to Esmeralda – the market data analytics platform of the Exchange which provides real-time market updates such as last traded prices, trade volume and value, and the index level.

We invite you to sign up and complete the PSE Academy Risk Profiling to determine which types of stock investments are suitable for you. Begin your investor education today and join the PSE Academy!

Get to know the
Market Education Department!

The Market Education Department (MED) was organized by The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (“PSE” or the “Exchange”) with a mandate to carry out the Exchange’s educational and marketing efforts for institutional and retail investors – so called the “demand side” of the market.

As its name implies, MED’s mandate extends to that of educating PSE market participants other than investors. Such are the listed companies, trading participants or stockbrokers, analysts, finance teachers, underwriters, and others. Accordingly, MED employs education as its primary strategy for promotions and though initially conceived as a veritable marketing organization, its principal activities compel MED to take upon itself the broader and estimable purpose of investor education.